Round two, two rounds.

Second week in and we are already getting ambitious. We decided to try getting two brews put down during one session. We are also still trying to nail down our brewing style with our equipment but so far so good.

We have been thinking about making beer for our pals in Like A Motorcycle. and this week we’re jumping in.

Peter likes to make puns. So first off…

‘Like A Motorcyc-Ale’:

Peter: I was thinking I could make some rock n’ roll beer for a house show at their motorhome. The plan for this one was a dark coloured but light bodied and easy drinking ale. Dark like engine oil but easy drinking.

Shean: If you’re brewing for a house show you’ll want a session beer (easy sipper) and at least one stonger brew  (I typically call them “Bangers”) My Double IPA is a serious banger. What I’m looking for in this brew is a medium to full bodied, fairly hoppy, strong ale. Shooting for 9%abv. I’m not just looking to get a person drunk, I’m wanting it to be a very balanced drunk.

First sample of the night:


Sir John A’s Honey Wheat

The Gahan: Very light in body, low ABV. We made the mistake of starting the night off early with some heavily spiced meats and and strong flavoured cheeses. No real review here as our palates were pretty much destroyed. Very minimal yeast flavor (but it was there) light on the Honey. No real aftertaste.

IMAG0194 (1)

The Grain

Peter’s Like a Motorcyc-ale

4.56 kg Canadian 2-Row malt

0.76 kg Black Patent malt

0.76 kg Cara-Pils malt

0.76 kg Chocolate malt

0.36 kg Crystal 30L

35 g Northern Brewer at 60 minutes

35 g Northern Brewer at 30 minutes

30 g Cascade at 10 minutes

30 g Cascade at 1 minute US-05 American ale yeast

Next up to bat…


Na-no nonsense here. 😉

Bridge Brewing Co: We’re big fans of these guys and what they bring to the local beer scene. This Belgian Style IPA has great malt on the nose and heavy citrus up front. The yeast is well balanced and the back end is a serious bitter. The bitter is really prominent on the tail. Holds up well with the old cheddar and peppered meats. Swirl this around your mouth, let the bubbles pull those fats off of your tongue. A hint of apricot, but very minimal.

Let’s get mashed!


We’ve been steadily adjusting our strike temperatures to make up for the heat loss we’ve been experiencing. It seems to have paid off.


La Trappe: Shean had this one a couple of times before but Peter hadn’t so we dove in. Great work. Super yeast with subtle pleasant fruit but nothing fruity like you would expect. Well malty once swirled about the mouth. A nice and creamy textured finish. The middle is a slight linger of a bitter but not overpowering. This Trappist is a thing of beauty.

IMAG0197 (1)

2 mash tuns=2 beers.


The Hacker Pschorr

Next to nothing on the nose. Nothing to bring home to mom. More sweet than bitter. Crisp and tiny bitters on the back end. Hardly noticeable. If they sold it in an 8 pack of cans and we were going to some dude-brah’s awful bachelor apartment for a round of darts and ultimate fighting or whatever, we might be into this. Too bad we’re adults, this one is clearly for children. We normally wouldn’t be so harsh but these guys aren’t local so we doubt we’re hurting any feelings. To be honest, the only reason we picked this up is because we couldn’t get to premier wine and spirits so we had to settle for the NSLC’s weak selection (that’s another entry all together).


Hot Hot Heat

Shean’s Like a Motorcyc-ale recipe tentatively titled “Sipping Away”:


2.64kg 2row

1.48kg Maris Otter

1.30kg Dextrine malt

1kg Munich Malt

.70kg of Aromatic malt

.50kg Crystal 30L

70g centennial Hops (60 min boil)

45g East Kent Goldings (30 min boil)

25g Cascade (10 min boil)

25g Cascade (dry hopped)

2 pkg American Ale yeast

Estimated OG:1.087

Actual OG hit: 1.080 (pretty happy with that)



Estimated abv: 9%

I would have liked to have had a yeast starter ready for this guy but it had been a very busy couple of weeks so I didn’t get the chance. Here’s hoping there is enough of a cell count in those two packs to do the trick and hit my target.


The Winter Warmer

This year’s offering from Garrison is a bit spicy and maltier than last years warmer. Full of raisins and lingering dried fruit. The spices are dialed in right on the mark. Both of us are a big fan. We felt the need to take this one outside and turned our sparge water boil down so we could take some time with it. If you’ve got a fireplace, light it before popping this cap. Both of our noses are a tad stuffed so its been difficult to pull the aromatics but there is something there that we can’t place. Either way, solid work on Garrison. Reminded us both of a spruce beer that Peter had made about 2 years ago.


A steamy Peter

As it would turn out, attempting to put down 2 brews in one evening where you haven’t even started your strike until 8pm, is challenging. We were still up and brewing around 4AM. In the end, we ended up just pasteurizing Shean’s LAMDIPA by heating it up high enough and got the boil going first thing in the morning. Timing was an issue as Shean needed to be somewhere by a specific time so we didn’t get the chance to properly cool the wort. Total bummer. If you just let your wort cool slowly without using a chiller (or pile of snow, icepacks, etc) it can cause some problems and potentially give you some chill haze. Ideally you want to bring that temperature down very quickly.To compensate, knowing we were going to be rushed, we added a little bit extra in the way of Irish Moss hoping that it will help. Here goes nothing.

That’s it for now, we’re off to a Ladies Beer League event at the Stubborn Goat Gastropub.

We’ll report back soon.

CHEERS! *raises glass*

-Shean and Peter

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